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Tricias Must-Have Embroidery Bundle

Tricias Must-Have Embroidery Bundle<br>



Ive put together a trio of my must-haves when Im doing hand embroidery. 

First of all, Im one of those who never uses a thimble, and I have searched high and low for the best way to protect my fingertip as it repeatedly pushes my needle.

Thimblepads work great!  Press it onto your fingertip and it doesnt budge until you take it off.  Its reusable and will stick multiple times. When not on my fingertip, I keep mine stuck to the slick surface of my iPhone. Handy!

Second, my very favorite embroidery needle!  Thin needle, but extra large eye. Easy threading, easy needling the fabric!  

Third, I simply do not embroider without first coating my floss with thread heaven. No more fraying, shredding, and twisted floss. Helps create lovely stitches. Love this stuff!

Weve got all my favorites in a bundle for you!  I know you will love them as much as I do!

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