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Henfolks Pre-cut Fabric Kit
Reg. $180

Henfolks Pre-cut Fabric Kit<br>Reg. $180<br>



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(Note: This kit is for the hand pattern.  This will be enough fabric for 2, possibly 3 Machine Embroidery patterns.)


Finished Block 12" x 12"

Finished Quilt 68" x 80"

Your Henfolks Kit contains:

* Pattern

* Button Pack

* Over 10 yards of beautiful scrappy fabric, all PRECUT!  
(Enough to complete this whimsical quilt top - including the binding!  
There are over 70 assorted fabrics just for the courthouse steps alone!!)


Pattern details:

Everyone can relate to Henfolks.  We all know someone who is one of these silly hens...maybe (probably) ourselves!!

Here is one quilt that is sure to make your friends and family giggle and OH! the conversations you can have!  :)


Blocks read: 

Bellyachin Bossy Bertha
Forever Frettin Frannie
Grumpy Gertie Lou
Motormouth Myrtle
Simply Silly Sally Sue

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