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A Better Back

A Better Back<br>


A Better Back® is the hottest/coolest back support /body comfort system available! 

The best way we could describe this multi-use, multi-benefit product is: 

Mobile Hot & Cold Comfort System: 

  • MOBILE – no batteries, chargers or plugs means it’s portable – take it anywhere; vehicle, office, sporting events, school, airplane, train, motorcycle….everywhere.
  • HOT – enjoy hot therapy with the patented and safe element - it heats in the microwave and STAYS HOT up to 3 hours!
  • COLD– that same patented and safe element cools in your freezer and STAYS COLD up to 6 or even 8 hours with no drippy condensation!
    • A Better Back® is designed with your option to use the hot AND cold elements for contrast therapy 
      (15 minutes hot / flip / 15 minutes cold) if you need it - that’s why we provide 2 elements with every system!
  • COMFORT – hot and/or cold therapy provides real relief! A Better Back® puts smiles on people who use it to comfort their back pain and so much more: back support, sciatica, herniated discs, hot flashes, menstrual (or any other) cramps, sore muscles, stiff joints, cancer treatments, sports injuries, dialysis treatments and the list goes on and on!
  • SYSTEM – temperature sensitive Memory Foam that contours to your body and provides superior back support + inner case to protect foam and hold the hot/cold elements (2 pockets, 2 elements) + outer case durable, soft fabric with adjustable straps that fit a variety of chairs (horizontally or vertically) and your body; wear as a backpack, sling it around your lower back, or around belly, over your shoulder, around your neck….it’s VERY versatile!

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