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A Day in the Life of Mr. Bear Pattern

A Day in the Life of Mr. Bear Pattern<br>



size 54 1/2” X 60 1/2”

A Day in the Life of Mr. Bear

Includes full size drawings for embroidery, and detailed⁄diagramed pattern for making the quilt.
Piecing instructions are beginner friendly! This is a great pattern for a Block of the Month project.

I spent many pleasant evenings stitching the story of Mr. Bear and hope you will do the same.
This lovely keepsake quilt is built around the center embroidery design, where we find our little girl stepping through the garden gate to introduce Mr. Bear to the rest of the world.

 Block #1Block #4 

The day begins as our precious pair take their morning stroll to the park to their favorite swing.
As they try once again to touch the clouds with outstretched toes, wouldn′t you know it, Mr. Bear takes a fall.

Block #6  

It′s a quick trip back home where special care and lots of bandages almost do the trick; but true to his nature,
Mr. Bear thinks it will take cookies and a tea party before he’s feeling “really quite well”.

Block #3 

With a tummy full of cookies, and then a fun time of chasing bubbles,
the friends settle down to finish their latest storybook.

 Block #9

Mr. Bear′s eyes begin to close right when the last page is turned,
“Time for you to go to bed, Mr. Bear, you are just too sleepy”.

Good night Mr. Bear.

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