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Love Covers Pattern

Love Covers Pattern<br>



86" x 98" 

My precious mama drew these sweet blocks in 2004.

Gary and I designed a quilt featuring her drawings and published a LOVE COVERS book.
To our surprise, it sold out and has been out of print for a long time. Over the years, we have
had hundreds upon hundreds of requests from quilters who are searching for the pattern.
To honor mama on her 83rd birthday, I′ve recreated LOVE COVERS in a fresh new quilt.
The original LOVE COVERS had the same 12 large stitchery designs, but I added 14 small
stitchery designs to this new pattern. I especially love my label on the front of my quilt!
It′s the first time I positively had my label made before the quilt was finished!

Mama is one of the most beautiful, loving, caring, patient, and kind women I′ve ever known.
Following the release of this new pattern, we will be taking her to Dallas for open-heart surgery.
She continually reminds me that none of us will live on this planet forever, but I sure want her
with me a while longer!





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