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Deanne P

Hi Tricia;

Love your patterns and have used  #1 many, many times. In fact, I'd like to send some photos of quilts made using your patterns. They are perfect for those larger prints that need to be cut in bigger pieces. I've attached the quilts using VT and ASU fabrics. Let me know if they come through OK. I did a copy/paste from Picassa.

One of them is a frog quilt, but, did I use 20 FQs??? Nooooo, I had to excavate in my stash and came up with almost 80, yes 80 different frog fabrics in one quilt! LOL I still have to get DH to hold it up for me. I also made one for our local fire department and will have to go over there to get some better pictures. Then there's one made out of aqua and chocolate fabrics - called, of course, 'Chocolate Mints'.

I do have pictures of 3 that are completed - ASU and Virginia Tech school quilts for my son, his college buddy and his girlfriend. How do I send the photos? Thanks for your wonderful imagination!

Quilty hugs, Deanne

PS - I'm also currently working on another one of your patterns - Book 2 - using ASU and Western fabrics. I had fun with this one too, and most of the fabrics came from my stash! Yikes! hahahaha!


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