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Thearica B - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 2)


This beautiful blue and yellow quilt was pieced by LuAnn Pruhs.  For every one I have seen, the quilter has put a pantograph on these Turning 20 quilts...I wanted to try my hand at sprucing one up and I think it looks pretty good...I learned this design when Nichole Webb was here in December 2006 but have never had the confidence to put it on a quilt..Well, I have been drawing and practicing and thought I might as well give it a shot..So, what do you think?  *Tricia's thoughts:  I LOVE IT!  When I saw the detail in each block it made me want to run out to my quilting machine and try my own hand at this!  I especially love the scalloped edges too.  Great job on a beautiful Turning Twenty quilt!*

Thearica Burroughs

To contact Thearica for longarm quilting:
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