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Jude F

Dear Tricia

I feel as though I know you, having purchased and used your patterns. But what I really want to do is thank you for coming up with such an awesome pattern as "Around the Block".

My mother-in-law passed away in March at the age of 96, just two days before Dad's and her 66th wedding anniversary. The family could not get together until June for her memorial service as the snows were still too heavy in Montana in March.

I loved Mom more than I can tell, and I wanted to show the family how much it meant to me to be part of them even by my husband's and my 35 years of marriage. Fortunately, I had time to consider putting a bit of the family history on a quilt, and the best pattern I came up with is your "Around the Block" pattern.

Thanks to your clear directions and the easiness of the pattern, I had it done in time for her service, and everyone just loved it! Dad especially loved looking at the pictures and commented on how great they looked with the colors surrounding them. I am attaching a couple of snapshots to share those moments with you.

Thank you again! You are an inspiration!

Jude F
Houston, Texas


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