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This is the place to sit back, relax for a while, and view the beautiful quilts our customers are making with Turning Twenty® patterns! 
We are honored to share these photos, and invite you to send your photos to be posted here. Feel free to share comments and anything you'd like to tell about your special quilt. We all love reading the stories behind the quilts and are always inspired by your contribution.
If you have a project made from one of our books or patterns and would like to see it here, please contact us. We'd be happy to post it!
In the mean time; enjoy the work of our fellow quiltmakers! 

Sarita B

Lynn D

Chiva Sue

Denise L

Lynn S

Carol K

Margaret C

Jean L

Nancy T

Binnie H

Clothilda R.

Barbara M

Midge R

Cherri R

Delores E

Red River Quilt Guild

Treva B

Linda K

Judy G

Maggie D

Judy G

Maggie M

Carolyn T



Elaine D

Cynthia M

Mary S

Carol O

Alicia C

Sharyn H

Nancy H (Baglady)

Dianne M

Sara B.

Cynthia A

Deborah M

Liz W, Roanoke, TX

Joy Y

Joy Y

Shelley W

Carolyn T.

Katherine T

Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 6)

Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 5)

Barb M

LaTressa W

Laurel L, Edmond, OK

Vicki D

Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 4)

Judith H

Sonia W

Deanne P

Elizabeth S

Terry S (part 2)

LuAnn W

Angela L

Pat D

Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 3)

Deanne P

Melanie J.

Linda B Beavecreek, OH

Sheila H

Elizabeth S

Shirley E

Elizabeth S

Angela L

Terry S (part 1)

Elizabeth S

Elizabeth S

Pia S

Linda B Beavercreek OH

Melissa F

Jean D

Nancy F

Pam E

Nancy F

Nicole N

Ruth C




Sadie C

Diana C

Liz A

Linda B Beavercreek OH

Janette W

Judi L

Sonya D

Thearica B - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 2)

Kelly L

Melody F

Pam E

Kathy H



Cyndy C

Priscilla M

Pam E

Sandra Thistle Cove Farm, VA

Sandra Thistle Cove Farm

Nancy H

Bob & Yvonne

Jude F

Sue and Tom

Amy H

Judith A H

Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 2)



Debbie F

Sharon H

Thearica B - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 1)

Steve and Dana C


Cheryl H, Honolulu / Hawaii

Kathy S

Ginny K

Tim and Jeanne L

Lauri and Amy R

Judith H

Sonya D

Rhonda & Larry G


Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 1)




Nancy H

Sandra C

Roz, Montreal Quebec Canada


Karon, Roseville, CA

Michele, Jacksonville N.C. / Miramar FL




JoAnne, Las Cruces, NM


Tom and Marilyn, Comelius, OR

Lynne, Dade City, FL

Linda, Forest City, IA

Cathy, Mt. Dora, FL


Martha, NY

Thelma, Auburn, MA

Sally, Terre Haute, IN


Bev, South Australia


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