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Lauri and Amy R

Hi Tricia,

I bought your pattern "Turning 20". I made a quilt and I love it. My 11 year old daughter Amy has been doing what she calls the "Turning 2" . She made a "Turning 2 " quilt for her rabbit Squirrel and a pillow. It's like your "turning 20" pattern. I am sending a photo. Some little girls make doll quilts my little girl makes rabbit quilts:^)

Then Amy has made and appliqued 2 pillows. One I send a photo of here in what Amy calls the "Turning 1" pattern.

Thought you would think this is cute:^)

Amy and I love fat quarters and are looking for simple craft or quilt patterns:^) We hope you make another pattern to sell:^)

Sincerely Yours,

Lauri and Amy R

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