Fast, Easy, & Fun!

Martha, NY

I love this pattern and wanted to make a smaller version for a baby. I used 12 of the blocks in this quilt but interestingly enough, you need 15 3 1/2 inch strips for the borders. Therefore there is some repeats. After I completed this, I realized I could have made a smaller version by simply cutting down on the size of the blocks and that is my next project. This is my new favorite quilt to make. Keep up the good work.


This first quilt was a gift to my daughter and the first Turning 20 that I made. I am a beginner on the longarm so this big quilt was good practice for me. The second picture is one I made for my husband and I for our queen size bed. I also did the quilting on this one. You can see it is cold outside with the snow covering our pool. Now I need to make a bright springy one in anticipation of the end of winter.

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