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Nancy H (Baglady)

My Story about this quilt:

I made this quilt a year ago for my daughter-in-law Santana's 25th birthday, I have never made anything bigger than the crib quilts for all the granddaughters so this was a HUGE undertaking for me, but she had asked me back in 2007 if I would ever consider making her a quilt, so when I found the (first) Turning Twenty book I said "this I can do!" When I was done with the top I checked around for a long-arm quilter to finish it for me, they said it would be anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, I was so bummed, I had a month till her birthday. So I top-stitched all the seams and decided to tie it myself! This was tough without any kind of frame so I thought maybe I should sew/quilt each block and then just tie in the blocks. Halfway through the "squaring" process I was putting so much drag on my machine I bent the shaft and that was it - I was devastated!

By the time I got the machine fixed I had a rotator cuff injury and couldn't sew anymore. I had my rotator cuff repaired this January but recovery is so slow! Then I was talking to the sewing center that repaired my machine and asked if they knew ANYONE who might be able to finish this quilt for me. A gal who used to work for them did machine quilting on her frame and also on a regular machine, so I took it to her and 5 days later she turned my mess into a beautiful quilt my DIL will love to have! Now I can't wait until spring break to give it to her when we pick up our granddaughters for the week - it will be 11 months late and 5 years after she asked, but I know she will be pleased!

I also made a new friend in "Cathy the quilter", who will next be finishing up all the tops my mother made and never quilted. My hubby says I can't keep everything that I make that is "pretty" and he knows the relationship I have made with Cathy will cost him way too much money, it will be wonderful to have things finished and able to give to the grandkids something from their great-grandma who passed away before they were born. And besides, now I will feel good about making MY TT quilt now that I know it will be finished and fabulous (once I can finally sew again!)


Nancy H (Baglady - Jarome, ID)

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