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Elizabeth S


My Mom and I just had a delightful time making two 3 x 4 quilts for her and my dad. She got here Wednesday a little before noon and we had both tops made by bedtime. We batted them up Thursday morning (amidst "oohing" and "aahing" over the snow!) and I got Mom's finished, and Dad's almost completely quilted by bedtime Thursday. I finished Dad's about 9 Friday morning, well ahead of schedule.

I just straight-line quilted (using a long, narrow zigzag, ala Cotton Theory).

I like Dad's better than Mom's, but Mom loves hers. She wanted the diagonal to go in the opposite direction (who knows why!). Her fabric selection started with the weird stripey green/blue piece. I found the pink/orange/yellow/lavendar colorway and told her it would be weird, but that allowed us to pull in some raspberry and other colors that she likes. She's tickled with it and that's all that matters!

I have a few Asian print fat quarters that I can't imagine using, and they may go into a 3 x 4 made with the original "twenty" blocks to preserve large pieces. I also have some fat quarters and largish scraps a friend gave me that will probably make a 3 x 4 in the "4 x 4" variation.

I just love this pattern book, for all sorts of reasons.



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