Fast, Easy, & Fun!

Steve and Dana C

Thanks- the other 2 books,(turning twenty and again) are my favorite patterns- they are so fast and show off fabric so well.
Here is a picture of a quilt I made for my sister in law- she's lucky she got it. I used the Again pattern, and framed around the Kelly's Kats blocks to make them big enough.
It was great fun making it. I just started quilting a couple of years ago, and the Turning Twenty was the first pattern I used.
I think I have made probably 15 quilts from it for my family, along with quite a few rag quilts. Of course, I'm hooked, and my sewing and fabric has taken over our guest bedroom, and one of our downstairs rooms is now the home of my longarm machine. Hoping to find financial independence for my retirement!!

Thanks for your patterns-

Dana C

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