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Ginny K

Hi Tricia,

I hope you and your husband had a wonderful Christmas and that you are both well.

A while back I showed you the quilts I sent to our church’s mission’s project in Appalachia. Then I bought some fabrics from you which included your Sunday Bloomers and more of the funny farm animals. Well, I donated another quilt with your animals to the Beth Israel Hospital in NYC and from that evolved another project with your cute fabrics.

The person at the hospital asked me if she could use the quilt as decoration on the walls for a while instead of giving it away to a child and from that I decided to make “pictures” with only one animal or flower in each. I have 8 ready to go to NYC next week. I thought you might like to know about this and see at least a picture or two. I will take better pictures for you if you want, as soon as I figure out how to hang them and display them better.

Anyway, they measure 18” x 16” approximately and you will see that I used your other fabric as the frame for each, mitered the corners and then quilted them. I am still sewing bindings on. I just could not do that by machine.

And I am enjoying these so much I hate to give them away but isn’t that how it always is?

Thanks for such great fabrics!

Ginny K

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