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Valdani Perle Cotton



Exceptionally beautiful Perlé Cotton Balls.
Hand-Dyed in Lead-Free Dyes and Guaranteed Colorfast for any Embroidery, Quilting, Appliqué, Crochet, Punchneedle, Rug-Hooking, Thread Embellishment project.
Find here Perlé Cotton balls in stunning single colors, in two sizes (8 and 12).

Please double check your order before submitting to ensure you have chosen the size you need.

  • Size 12 (the finest) - For: patterns where you want a finer thread for more definition, in Embroidery, Stitching, Quilting, Crochet, Punchneedle, heavier Tatting.

  • Size 8 (medium weight) - For: Stitching, Hand Quilting, Appliqué, Crochet, heavier Punchneedle, Rug-Hooking, Bobbin Work.

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