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Nancy G - Professional Longarm Quilter (part 1)


Just visited your website as I had a customer tell me you have the new Turning Twenty Around pattern up. Looks like more fun!

I am a longarm quilter and had finished many of my customer's TTs (and TT Again). Told myself that it was too simple and maybe I would try one someday. I'm hooked. You know, it's kind of nice sometimes to make a piece that doesn't require alot of yields such great results! I am sending you several photos...use any of them if you like.

Have a happy and healthy New Year...and please keep designing such delightful patterns for us!

Longarm Quilting by Nancy
3186 Parcher Rd.
Bucyrus, OH 44820

Nancy G
Bucyrus, OH

this one is MODA Botanicals

Georgia's Turning Twenty...she made TWO out of Fossil.

My first...mostly Robyn Pandolph's Simply Irresistible...I put delicate feathers all over it...very elegant!

Looks like a watercolor painting, doesn't it?

For our little neighbor girl's 9th birthday...she's into horses....and now quilts!

And last, Linda's.
Aren't they all great? Hope you enjoyed the show.
And thanks again for giving us such fun!
Nancy G

Just wanted to send you a photo of this great Turning Twenty. This customer really steps outside the box...I'm going to forward a close-up of my quilting so you know that I can step outside too...well, occasionally, anyway!

This pantograph is called "Spaced Out" and I figure the designer grew up in the 70's like me! Groovy!

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