Fast, Easy, & Fun!

Elizabeth S


Here are some more quilts I made from your pattern. You can tell that I love the 12-block variation and 4 x 4. 

The first photo is a quilt that was made from some unrelated Asian fat quarters that I won during a shop hop. It was a Christmas present for my SO's mother, who's a long-time hand quilter and she has it displayed on a chair in a hallway of her home with her collectibles. 

The second photo is a quilt I made from some fat quarters that a friend gave me. It will probably be a gift at my office Christmas exchange. 

The third photo is a closeup of the quilting. It took me about four hours to quilt this, which is much less than my usual time. I quilted this on a Janome 6600. 

The fouth photo is one I may already have sent. If so, just ignore it. This was my office Christmas exchange gift for 2008.

Oh, and I've attached a photo of the first Turning Twenty I made, in Scottie and dog print fabrics for a Scottie-loving friend of mine. Unfortunately, she died recently. I'm hoping to get this quilt back, as it reminds me of my friend.


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