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Pam E

Hi Tricia...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Turning Twenty pattern. On my Quilt Forum..I am known as the Turning Twenty Queen because of the one I accomplished and the other THREE I have in the making! I wanted to send you a photo of my first finished Turning Twenty. This is not my first quilt...however, it is my first Turning Twenty quilt with binding and my first attempt at free motion.

I am currently working on a Turning Twenty in Batiks for my daughter and the other two will be adorable brights for my two grandaughters. The fabric is bright pinks, and lime greens in polka dots, florals, and a princess print. I am hoping to quilt it all over with princess crowns etc. I can't wait to get working on this one. It'll be so much fun to watch it become a Quilt.

Thanks for a great pattern with ease, beauty and so adaptable to any fabric choices. Each one I have seen takes on it's own wonderful personality. Or..that of the maker!

Thanks again..


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