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Pick a B Bundle

Pick a B Bundle<br>



This book features FOUR beginner-friendly turning twenty patterns!

Here are some things we believe you will like about these patterns:
• Stack and cut fat quarters to start sewing right away
• Simple step-by-step instructions, no guess-work or advanced skills required
• Detailed information to make each quilt in a variety of sizes
• Perfect for beginning quilters who want to make impressive quilts

What are Pick-a-B™ Quilts?
All four patterns share the same A Block. The A Block is designed to feature a beautiful large scale print, or to give quilters a special space to display their quilting skills. The A Block’s purpose is to draw attention to itself!

Well now, when you’ve got a nice, big, showy A Block, all you need is a perfect B Block.

Pick-a-B #1 appears to be more complex and you might think difficult to piece. On the contrary, by following step-by-step instructions it goes together very nicely. The key is accurate pressing. If you follow our detailed instructions, every one of those seams will nest together perfectly.

Pick-a-B #2 is quicker to piece and makes a very impressive quilt. Don’t you love how all those beautiful prints seem to be floating on the background?

Pick-a-B #3 was designed to give Block B a chance to show off a bit as well. A great pattern for family photos, t-shirts or fussy-cut fabrics. We used ten of our Sunday School Singers™ embroidery designs for Block B.

Pick-a-B #4 is the simplest of all four Pick-a-B patterns. Our quilt was made from beautiful batiks, but consider this one made from reproduction prints, or even stripes and plaids.

Just like all of our turning twenty patterns, you will find Pick-a-B is:


You will love using our optional Pick-a-B acrylic template (included in bundle)!

Using the template and a rotary cutter will speed up your Pick-a-B quilt making. 
You will use the template over and over again!
Book $12.95 + Template $8.95 = $21.90 (Bundle saves $4.90)

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