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Lapel Stick Blister Pack

Lapel Stick Blister Pack<br>


LAPEL Stick is a temporary, non-toxic, acid-free fabric adhesive that goes on in seconds and dries clear for Quilting, Sewing, Crafting, and Embroidery. Replaces baste stitching, pinning, tapes, spray adhesives, and stabilizers. No more messy sprays or getting stuck with pins and it won′t gum up your needles or machines!

LAPEL Stick is water soluble (washes out) and is safe to use on cottons, wool, polyester, blends, felt, linen, and leather.

First Aid For Your Fashion Emergencies: repair a fallen hem, keep shirt collars in place, secure straps to undergarments and eliminate gapping necklines or button gaps on blouses.

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