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Ladies Day Out With the Bonnet Girls
By Helen R. Scott
Reg. $23

Ladies Day Out With the Bonnet Girls<br>By Helen R. Scott<br>Reg. $23<br>



94 pages

This collection of applique patterns features charming ladies of an earlier time. Capturing the romance of long skirts, pretty bonnets, and flowing ribbons, the author depicts the ladies enjoying a game of croquet, a fun day of shopping, a picnic by the lake, and many other outings. Place Bonnet Girls in settings of your own choosing, move them from one setting to another or group them together to illustrate a specific event. Dresses, skirts, hats, bonnets, hair, arms, and hands can all be exchanged to create the positions and actions needed to fit a particular scene. Prop patterns are also provided to enhance each setting. Among the charming pieces, you will find lanterns, shopping bags, mittens, shawls, candles, and parasols.

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