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Gimme 5 & Supersize

Gimme 5 & Supersize<br>



48" x 64" without borders
60" x 76" with borders

Olivia and I are best friends, but also cheerleaders for one another in this life.
Now, you won’t find either of us in a short skirt or tight sweater, and these days, neither of us can jump
very high off the ground. We do, however, encourage one another to come up a little higher.
It just so happens, we’ve blown out the same number of birthday candles,
we’re both card-carrying members of a well known "Never Eat Again Club",
our husbands are both computer geeks, and
we are QUILTERS!

A while back, Olivia made a quilt from one of my Turning Twenty® patterns using
only (5) 1 yard cuts of fabric, and it was amazing!
Then she made another, and another, and…...well, each one was simply great!
Her idea inspired me to further develop my pattern so it could easily be cut from yardage.
Plus, I added an 8½" block version to my 16½" block.
Then, Gary & Scott went to work figuring fabric requirements and cutting for every size imaginable!
Yeah, it’s what they do. The result is in your hands. Two simple and unique patterns using one block design.
FAST, EASY & FUN. I’m offering up a big hand slap to Olivia, Scott & Gary for my first Gimme 5 pattern!
We all think you will love it.


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